Let’s Manufacture a Better Future Together

Help wanted: Twenty-firstCentury manufacturing specialist with advanced manufacturing training and a resourceful, dedicated, future-oriented attitude. Advanced manufacturing jobs and advancement opportunities are out there if you’re properly trained. Whatever your manufacturing career goal, the Advanced Manufacturing Education (AME) Alliance has a training program to help you start manufacturing a better future for yourself.



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It’s simple. Twenty-first Century manufacturers need better-trained employees—career-minded people who’ve not only mastered the appropriate skills and technologies but also made the commitment to forge careers with real futures for themselves. Whether you’re new to the job market, employed, or a military veteran looking for work, the alliance of colleges employers and other regional organizations who comprise AME is structured to help you do just that.



Smarter Ways to go to School

At AME, we structure our classes and programs to provide practical education for practical people. In addition to traditional coursework at regional technical and community colleges, we can work with our partner employers to provide education in the workplace, (including weekly online sessions with your instructor and fellow learners).  We have programs that can help you hone your educational skills. We offer college coursework to help you manufacture a practical career path on your terms.


Practical Education for Practical People

We offer a wide array of certifications, diplomas and two-year degree programs to help you acquire the skills, credentials and education you need to succeed. What’s more, we work with many of the region’s premiere manufacturing employers to create, adapt and refine academic programs that reflect what they want and need in Twenty-first Century employees.

If you’re dedicated, if you’re motivated—if you want a career, not just another job. Here’s your chance. Look into an AME program today.

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